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Bend in Time Yields 189

Dave Romano called his own cell phone number from his cell phone. He had done this hundreds of times before. It was one of several ways he could check his cell phone voice mail and for some reason, he preferred doing it this way. He wanted to see if he had missed a call from his girl friend Sam.

He was beginning to worry about Sam. She seemed to be cooling off on their relationship and he really needed to talk to her. He had been hearing some rumors that she was seeing someone else and needed to find out what was going on.

Instead Dave was understandably surprised when someone answered the phone instead of the usual voice mail greeting prompt. He quickly pressed END - figuring that he must have misdialed.

But wait.

He had queued the number from the contact list, not dialed it. So how could he have misdialed the number? Furthermore, there was something oddly familiar about that voice that answered.

He tried again - this time keeping close eye on the number to make sure it was right. It was.

Again someone answered. Not just anyone. Someone who sounded like.. himself.

"Hello?" said the voice.

Dave looked at his phone to make sure it showed the right number and he wasn't somehow getting re-directed. It was his number.

"Um, hi I was trying to dial 206-453-3756. It looks like I dialed it, but you're answering. This doesn't make sense."

"Yeah, I know, it's really bizarre", said the other voice. "I have that number - 206-453-3756 yet that's what's showing on the caller id. Plus you sound a lot like me".

"And yeah, you sound like me. What gives here? Is this some kind of joke?"

But the voice sounded just as baffled as Dave was. "I'm Dave Romano, who are you?" Dave #2 said.

"I am Dave Romano!" Dave #1 responded sharply. "This must be some kind of prank or some wierd ass cell tower switch issue".

"Then why do you sound like me? And why do I sound like you?" asked Dave #2 - also sounding like he thought he was the victim of a joke.

There was silence on both ends for a long minute when Dave #1 finally said, "Ok what's the last 4 digits of your.. uh.. my social security number?".

"8024" said Dave #2.

After a moment of stunned silence, Dave #1 said "Holy shit. That's mine. Ok ask me something that only you.. um.. I will know".

Dave #2 thought for a moment and said, "Ok, what was the date I first got laid?"

"August 12, 1982", was the response. "And what was her name?"

"Jenny Saltameyer", Dave #2 said. "and later she earned the nickname of Jenny Slutameyer"

This back and forth went one for quite some time; each Dave pelting the other with very personal validation questions that only the real Dave would know the answers to. In all cases, the correct answers were given. Finally both Daves sat in stunned silence; not knowing what to make of it but yet not wanting to hang up the phone.

Finally Dave #2 said suddenly, "I just remembered something. When you called the first time, I looked at the call record in my call history and noticed it was time stamped 3 days ago. What date is it where you are?"

"Um... Tuesday August 4th." was the answer.

"So that's what's going on!" Dave #2 announced. "Today is Friday August 7th for me"

"Holy crap, you mean we're talking through some kind of time warp? What year is it for you?"


"That means we're 3 days apart. This is way too frickin’ weird."

After a few more moments of silence, Dave #1 had an idea. "Hey, are you near the computer?"

"I can be in just a minute" Dave #1 could hear Dave #2 pull the chair out and start typing.

"Ok go to the Mega Millions Lottery web page and tell me what the winning numbers were for tonight's drawing - August 4, 2009"

Dave #2 started snickering as he understood the implications of the request, then they both started laughing. "Got something to write with buddy?"

"I sure do Best Friend!"

"2, 17, 29, 31, 45 and a mega-ball of 32." Dave #2 read and Dave #1 jotted them down.

Dave #1 looked at his watch. He still had more than 8 hours until the lotto would be drawn; plenty of time to get a ticket. "Got it" he said as he read it back for verification.

I wonder if this is a permanent rift in time" Dave #2 pondered.

"I don't know buddy, but I am going to have to hang up. I need to go find a lotto place that has play cards to fill in. How about I try calling you back in 3 hours?"

It's a date! Dave #2 said and the call ended.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dave sank back in his sofa with Sam curled up in arms. They watched as his interview came on the local news.

A Seattle man has won the 4th largest Mega Millions jackpot in history - 189 million dollars. His name is Dave Romano and we've got him here to share the excitement. So Dave, what are you going to do with all that money?

Dave turned away from the TV to see his text message icon appear. He pressed the button to access the message. The time warp or bend in time was still open and the 2 Daves were talking constantly. It was a message from 'the other Dave'.

dump samantha! before we won $$$$, she told Evie she was going to break up. shes bin scruing Lon for weeks behind our backs. after we won the $$$$, she told Evie, she changed her mind and now she wants in on the winnings. gold digga harlot! shes no good, u need to dump her.

Dave #1 smiled. A lot had changed in the last 48 hours and it looked like one more thing was about to change.

"Baby I'm really tired tonight, let's call it a day" he announced.

"Oh but honey, I really want to be with you" she cooed.

"No baby, I think all the excitement has been too much for me - I'm exhausted" he said as he walked her to the door.

She complained some more, but it was no use. The door was opened and she was ushered out.

"Call me tomorrow baby" he said as he closed the door in her face.

Dumping her on the phone would be so much easier -- or he might even dump her via text message.

Dave really loved his cell phone.

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